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Vehicle Protection with Drive Shield

Vehicle Protection with Drive Shield

Protect your vehicle for as little as $1/day!

Why should I protect my vehicle?

    • Peace of mind knowing you will only pay a small deductible when the necessary repairs are covered under your selected vehicle protection plan.
    • Vehicle protection plans available up to 72 months or an additional100,000 miles.
    • Every vehicle is made with unique high-tech parts and operating systems which is why you are in full control of customizing your plan coverage.
    • You chose your repair facility (discounted rates provided at any Drive N-Motion repair facility).
    • Rental, towing and roadside assistance included (even if you simply lock yourself out of your vehicle).
    • Lending providers allow most vehicle service contracts to be 100%financed which means there is almost no (or very limited) upfront costs preventing you from having peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

My vehicle is still under manufacturer’s warranty. Why should I purchase additional coverage?
More miles on your vehicle means it is more likely something will go wrong sooner than later. Our comprehensive vehicle service contracts work alongside your manufacturer’s warranty, in many cases covering additional mechanical features, and extends your coverage for additional months or extended miles, whichever comes first based on contract options selected. Additionally, our extended vehicle service contracts allow for rental, towing and roadside assistance-items that typically are never covered under manufacture warranties.

Can the cost be added to my monthly payment?

If you are financing your vehicle, your small additional investment in each payment can protect you from incurring any large, unexpected out-of-pocket expenses that can certainly be a blow to a monthly budget.
Most major vehicle operating components cost well over$5,000 to replace! It’s never a good idea to risk your financial success and possibly alter your hard-fought credit profile when faced with a decision to repair your vehicle and skip a few payments with your lender.

There are so many options available to consider, how do I know I have selected the best vehicle service contract for my new vehicle?

Our team is fully trained and fully comprehending of our vehicle service contract options, and they are committed to helping you navigate through the selection processes with ease.
Your chosen plan options, terms of contract and vehicle system/component coverage allowances are thoroughly explained at time of vehicle delivery, giving you full confidence with your decision to protect your new vehicle.

Can I purchase a vehicle service contract after I purchase my vehicle?

Unfortunately, the answer is no.
All protection plans must be purchased at time of sale which give you and your family peace of mind before you leave the dealership.

Gap Insurance

Guaranteed Auto Protection (GAP) helps you protect your credit profile and keeps additional cash in your pocket instead of making it your responsibility to paydown large loan balances due back to your lender in the event of a total loss.
When selected at time of vehicle financing, GAP insurance will pay the difference between your outstanding loan balance and the determined current value of the vehicle back to your lender, keeping undesired payoff balances away from your attention.

Why should I purchase GAP insurance?

  • Provide peace of mind.
  • You are financially protected in the event your vehicle is stolen or declared a total loss.
  • Pays both your insurance deductible (up to $1,000) along with the amount outstanding on your loan agreement with your lender.
  • Ensures a total loss or vehicle theft does not turn into a financial catastrophe for you and your family.
  • Helps free up financing options for your next vehicle purchase.

Additional Options

Tire & Wheel Protection

  • Pays you 100% of the repair or replacement costs forcovered road hazards.
  • No deductible or hidden fees.
  • Covered repairs include tire repair and replacement, wheel repair and replacement.
  • 3/4/5 year terms available with unlimited mileage allowances.
  • Run flat tire protection also included.

Windshield Protection Plan

  • High-tech vehicles can have a replacement cost that exceeds $1,000-this is a great product if you have rain sensors or eyesight distancing options on your new vehicle.
    Hail, rock chips, sudden crack? No problem!
  • 3 year term option available.

Anti Theft Insurance

  • Cash benefit allowance as indicated in your contract is paid directly to you if your vehicle is stolen during the term of the contract.
  • Replacement benefit allowance is paid directly to the dealership to help cover a portion of new down payment required to re-secure financing for another vehicle.
  • If your vehicle is stolen but then recovered without a total loss event, you will receive up to $1,000 to help with repair costs associated with the theft event.
  • If your vehicle is stolen while on vacation, you will receive rental, meal, lodging and airfare reimbursement per the terms listed in the contract.
  • 3 year term option available.