Sell your car

Sell your car

Reach millions of potential buyers by selling your vehicle through Drive N-Motion. It’s that easy.

close-up photo of woman driving a carclose-up photo of woman driving a car

Let Drive N-Motion sell your vehicle!

Are you eager to sell your car, truck, or SUV but eager to avoid the hassle of endless phone calls or emails to answer about your vehicle? Drive N-Motion will sell your vehicle for you! Our highly-trained and experienced staff will handle all inquiries and help guide potential buyers through purchasing your vehicle with no hassle for you. We will advertise your vehicle effectively using our national marketing channels.

How does Drive N-Motion help sell my vehicle?

We act as your broker in the automotive sales process. We will market your vehicle and respond to all phone calls and emails. Our sales experts prepare and execute all required paperwork to complete the process efficiently. We can even arrange vehicle financing for a potential customer through our experienced Finance Center. Then, we cut you a check!

Benefits of consigning your vehicle with Drive N-Motion:


What does it cost?


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