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Looking to sell or trade-in your car, truck, or SUV in Rio Rancho, NM, Greeley or Thornton, CO?

Uncover the value in your vehicle at Drive N-Motion! Whether you're eyeing an upgrade or considering parting ways with your car, truck, or SUV, our process is straightforward and transparent. With convenient locations in Greeley, CO, Thornton, CO, and Rio Rancho, NM, Drive N-Motion ensures competitive prices for your trade-in.

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Your trade-in is worth more at Drive N-Motion

We know used cars, trucks, and SUVs & always offer fair market values including paying more for unique or upgraded rides.

Any make or model vehicle can be used as a trade-in — running or not.

Owe more than your car is worth? See how we can get you out of negative equity when you trade-in.

Your trade-in vehicle reduces the amount of sales tax you need to pay on your new vehicle.

A trade-in vehicle acts like a large down payment which can open up additional financing options for you.

We make it easy by handling all the paperwork, including closing out your old loan and filing DMV paperwork, for you.

Why a private sale might not be the best choice

Is selling your car yourself worth it? Think about this:

Underwater on your current car loan? That’s a lot of cash you’re going to need to come up with to close out the old loan.

If your current car loan is more than your new one will be, you’re losing money every day you don’t switch.

It’s true cars are selling fast, but there’s no promise YOUR old car will sell fast.

You’ll have to make all car loan and insurance payments while you’re waiting to find a buyer.

You’ll have to repair and detail your old car if you want to get top dollar for it. Do you have the time and energy for that?

Have a really unique vehicle? Now you’re looking for a really unique buyer and that could mean waiting even longer to sell.

Have to sell your car before you can buy a new one? Be prepared to miss out on some great deals and options while you try to sell.

You might not get the price you were hoping for even if you do everything right.